Are you looking for affordable and well-equipped facilities for your next meeting, workshop, seminar or training session? If you need a meeting room, lecture hall, computer lab, or gymnasium for larger events (both sporting and non-sporting), consider renting the facilities at 91天堂系列鈥檚 campus in Portsmouth.*

Please review our Facility Options, Rates, and Services available for Portsmouth.听

*The Rochester campus is no longer available for rentals.

Room Options and Rates听

Standard rental hours for the Portsmouth campus are Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-9:00PM and Friday, 8:00AM-4:00PM. Room rentals or services before or after normal operating hours, weekends, federal or state holidays, or any other periods the college is typically closed or maintains reduced hours of operation will incur additional fees.

Conference Room8-16 people听$300$500
Standard Classroom24-32 people听$300$500
Double RoomUp to 64 people听$450$750
Triple RoomUp to 96 people听$600$1,000
Computer LabUp to 20 terminals听$600$1,000
Gymnasium (Sporting Event)Bleachers can seat ~300 people$750$1,300
Gymnasium (Non-sporting Event)Maximum capacity – 1,147 people (bleachers can seat ~300)Minimum rental 8 hours$2,500
Student Success Center (Sporting Event)Includes gym, SSC lobby, nearby conference room, concession stand$2,500$3,000
Student Success Center (Non-sporting Event)Includes gym, SSC lobby, nearby conference room, concession standMinimum rental 8 hours$4,000
Main Lobby, Cafe’ Dining Space, and/or Grounds – Contact for Quote


Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Costs for additional services (Campus Safety, IT, Facilities Staff, etc.) will be assessed in addition to the Facility usage fees. Renters will be advised of the total charges following a review of the submitted Facility Request Form. Some events may require additional staffing.

Open campus during non-standard hours$275 per hour*
Setup for non-standard room arrangement$120 flat fee
A/V Equipment Use (Non-gym)$100 flat fee
A/V Equipment Use (Gym)$150 flat fee
IT Support$75 per hour*

*20% reduction in service fee for TAP Members
Fee waived for TAP Members

Interested in renting space at our Portsmouth Campus?
Contact Christopher Blackington at [email protected]


Directions to both Portsmouth & Rochester campuses